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Hi there and welcome to Whartown.com. Not Wharton, Whartown. Clever, right? Well, we can’t claim the idea. This site was originally started as a place for people to go to learn more about the finer aspects of living and studying at the Wharton School at UPenn. Tips, tricks, dorm info, good places for pizza, where to get a cheap calling card to call back home, that kind of stuff.

However, now under it’s new ownership, it’s going to expand. Wharton is a highly exclusive school. Many who would like to go there cannot. Luckily there are many other MBA programs and options for them. We’re going to expand the focus of this website to include these options. Of course, we’re still going to discuss Wharton. How can we not talk about the best and what they have to offer. But we’re going to be talking about others, too. Even delve into the realm of distance learning and online MBA programs.

Heady stuff.

Feel free to bookmark us, swing back around, throw some questions our way, either by email or in the comment section. Can’t promise we’ll know everything, but we can promise to do our level best to suss out the answer.

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